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Kenwood Liquors was founded by Lawrence (Larry) J. Galateo.  Larry started out in this business operating Garland Liquors along with a partner.  He eventually got out of Garland Liquors and opened up his own store in 1949 at 1332 E. 75th Street (75th and Kenwood) and called it Kenwood Liquors.  In the late 50’s, with several of his brothers working for him and business growing, he decided to open a second location.  He knew he needed to be on a main road and came across property on Stony Island Avenue.  He purchased the property and went to work on building his new location.  In December of 1961 he opened Kenwood Liquors & Tap at 8810 S. Stony Island Avenue. He would eventually close his original location in the late 60’s as most of that business was coming into the new location.  As business grew in the early to mid 70’s the tavern was eventually closed to make way for more retail and storage space. Larry eventually built another location for his son Tom to operate in the early 70's. Larry's Son-In-Law, Tim Dixon, eventually came into the business managing side by side with Larry, eventually taking over all day-to-day managing responsibilities as Larry moved into retirement. Looking toward the future Kenwood Liquors opened up a new location in January of 2009 in the southwest suburb of Homer Glen located in Will county. Today Kenwood Liquors is managed by the 3rd generation of family members as they strive to continue the legacy left by Larry. kenwood liquors
  kenwood liquors